I'm gonna start a new log, called CoolRaul's OTR Trucker Workout Log. I'm kinda changing some of my goals. I like doing strength stuff right now so I'm planning on doing my workouts as PUSH, PULL, LEGS, with Conditioning and CORE mixed in very often, and dropping my endurance goals (but will still be doing hindu squats, which I love). My reps right now at a lot of good exercises are at the 5 range, so I'll workout till I get higher reps which will take me to strength/growth, and then endurance. I'll start mixing things up after a while to get a mix of everything.

I also want to start watching what I eat better, basically trying to drop some fat I have all over still. With some better eating habits and some HIIT/Conditioning, I want to get as close to 'ripped' as possible, this summer, and then maintain that with a continued healthy lifestyle of exercise and proper diet. Right now I'm 5'11'' 178 lbs-ish (31 years old). I want to continue to gain strength but at the same time drop bodyweight fat. Any advice toward this is welcome.

Since I started as a beginner to exercise and BWE this past february, I've lost a lot of weight and gained some muscle. All this is thanks to this site and the awesome people here at BWC. As always, I'm open to advice on my routines and diets.

At the beginning of June I hit the road again as an over-the-road (OTR) team truck driver with my dad as a teammate. It's something we've done for a while now. We stay on the road for a month or longer sometimes, going all over the U.S. and Canada. It's been a challenge to continue my exercises but I'm very motivated. I workout sometimes in my sleeper cabin, which is 96 inches long and very comfortable. I have enough room in here to do some decent exercises. Sometimes when we're empty I'll workout in the cargo box of our truck where I can use some bars for pullups/chins and dips, and for leverage. I also have some straps that I'll eventually utilize for pistol progress. Also I have a bag that's stuffed with about 10 blankets. It probably weighs about 35-40 lbs. I can use that to toss around or slam and whatnot for conditioning. Okay, long enough intro to my new log. Check out my old log linked in my signature.

Here begins my new log!

10 pull-ups
if not by the end of the year, then eventually.
I feel I need a lot of work before I get anywhere close to these. When I feel ready I'll start doing more specific work toward these specific goals.
july 12th, Pembroke, NY, Cargo Box workout: PUSH/Conditioning/Core
DIPS: (using two load bars)
reps / rest time
5 / 1 min
5 / 1 min
5 / 2 mins
5 / 2 mins
4 / 3 mins rest to pike press ...

PIKE PRESS: (feet elevated about 1.5 feet, hands on ground)
reps / rest time
5 / 1 min
4 / 2 mins
5 / 2 mins
5 / 3 mins
5 / 3 mins
5 / 2 mins
5 / 3 mins rest to pushups ... (I thought I did 6 sets only, but I wrote down 7 *shrug*)

PUSHUPS: (using pushups bars)
reps / rest time
5 / 1.5 mins (decline, feet elevated 1.5 feet)
4 / 2 mins
4 / 2 mins
4 / 2 mins (wide grip)
5 / 1 min
4 / 1 min

45 mins for all the above.
6 mins stretching upper body

tried for two rounds of the following:
10 tuck jumps
20 mountain climbers
30 crunches
40 supine hip extensions
50 chinnies
40 russian twists
30 crunches
20 supermans
10 squat thrusts w/jump

Completed 2 rounds in 14 minutes. This was pretty tough, and my core and conditioning are weak right now. At the middle of the second round my form was going down. The chinnies were sloppy, and the twists. Either way, I'll try for 3 rounds next time, or come up with something else. I felt like doing some planks at the end, and should of, but I figure i can do planks separately at other times. I can do them almost anytime, and should get with it.

july 13th, Fort Erie, ON, waiting for ppwk to clear to cross over to U.S., in cab workout: LEGS/CORE

hindu squats: 50, 50, 50 (one to two little breaks during sets. About two mins between sets)

single leg hip extensions: 10, 10 each leg (had to stop cause a hammie was cramping)

plank: 90 sec, 60, 50, 50
side planks: 30, 30, 30, 30 (each side)

lower body stretch

nice and sore from yesterday's PUSH

I'll get home (Florida) tomorrow, for about a week. I need to get a pull-up bar for my pulls. In the meantime I'll improvise. I also want to get a good set of dumbbell bars with weights. I'll be checking craigslist first.

July 15th, Home, Karate lesson, friends house
about 2 hours of a karate lesson/practice. Was fun. I learned some stuff to practice for conditioning/shadow boxing exercise.